Haven a Wonderful Time in Hastings

You can keep Malaga, a family summer holiday in the UK still has it’s charms!

This year, me, my husband and our foster child explored the wonders of Combe Haven in Hastings along with many other GLF Carers.

For the purpose of this blog the foster child’s name has been changed.

Monday 24th July

And we’re off, car loaded up, dog dropped at nanny’s house, were all set for a fabulous 5 days.  This will be our first holiday together in a caravan.  Gary has been joking that he will be staying in a tent following a caravanning experience some years back that has left a not so positive memory in his head.  On route, up to Hasting we stop off to get a bit of shopping.  Lots of holiday snacks, whose counting calories on holiday!!!!!!!!

We arrive at the resort, weather is little bit gloomy but were still excited to get our holiday underway.  I go and check us in, the place is packed with families all excited about their holidays.  After a short drive, we arrive at our caravan, its lovey and spacious.  I see the relief in Gary’s face that were not going to spend 4 nights in a sardine tin.  Well were not but Jack’s room is a little snug.  Doesn’t take him long to fill the spare bed with Pokémon cards.

After unpacking we go for a little walk to look at the facilities.  Jack is very excited to find the amusement area with the 2p machines.  We pop into the indoor activity centre where the kids are trying out the roller skating. Jack is not convinced yet that this is something he wants to try. I’m sure I will convince him eventually.  We decide to have dinner in the caravan, tuna pasta on the menu with garlic bread then it’s off to spend our 2p in the arcade.

Tuesday 25th July

We all slept surprisingly well, bacon butties for breakfast and then off to Battle Abbey to have a look round.  The weather was beautiful so we take the opportunity to have a lovely walk round and took lots of photos with the wooden soldiers that we met as we did the tour.  We each had our own sound recorded tour guide.  Jack was particularly disturbed with the sheep droppings that we encountered during the walk through the battlefield.   You would think he expected them to use a toilet the way he went on about it.

Anyway, after dodging the droppings we made our way out of the Abby and had a walk around the town.

I managed to pick up a bargain Radley bag from the charity shop.  Jack treated himself to some sweets of course.  We head back to the caravan, drop our stuff off and then go for a wonder.  As we were walking out of the arcade we bump into another GLF foster carer and her daughter.  The kids go off to play in the playground whilst we catch up.  A couple of hours fly by and before we know it its 10pm.  We make plans to meet up again the following evening.  1st full day has been lovely topped off with meeting another carer.

Wednesday 26th July 

Must be a comfy bed as we had to wake Jack up.  After breakfast, we head off to meet up with some friends that moved to the area.  Jack has his mountain of Pokémon cards and some colouring to keep him occupied.  We head off to the seaside for lunch.  Unfortunately, the weather is not so good today so we spend a couple of hours catching up over a curry.  Jack is happily chatting with the owner, telling him about his holiday and what he like to do.  He’s points out that the spicy poppadum need to be spicier.  He’s getting braver in his old age.  He’s very impressed with his giant prawns and of course a side order of chips.  After lunch, we head back to the resort, meet in the football court to play for a few hours.   I have also convinced his to have a go at the roller skating.  He dons his heavy skates and heads out on the floor.  Well I have never laughed so much in ages.  How he didn’t rip his trousers with the amount of splits he did I will never no.  A few bruises later and we head back to the caravan for dinner.  After dinner, we meet up with a couple of carers whilst the kids go off and play in the arcade.  They are really enjoying winning all the little toys from the machine.  Looks like he will have quite a collection by the end of the week.

Thursday 27th July

Today we have arranged to meet up with Jacks’s sister in Dymchurch.  They don’t get to see each other as often since she moved.  We meet at an arcade which they of course loved.  They spent an hour together whilst we caught up with her Carer.  On our way back we make a stop at the Ashford outlet………shopping.  Jack’s eyes light up at the sight of the Nike shop.  I of course am the bargain hunter and managed to find him an impressive pair of trainers.  He bought a hat as well.  All he needs now is the Nike socks and he will be fully kitted out as he got the tracksuit for his birthday.  On the trainers go as soon as we leave the shop.  Once back at the resort Jack is off out again to meet up with the other carer’s daughter.  We all meet up in the entertainment area where they have python on stage for the kids to hold.  Yikes you won’t get me doing that.  Soon we realise that it’s just the adults who are having to endure the terrible music as all the kids have gone off to play.  We make a move to the quieter bar area.  We must be getting old.  Not down with the cool kids anymore.  As the night draws to an end the kids go off to trade in all the tickets that they have won from the machines.  It’s a little sad as we have had such an amazing time.  Seeing our kids make new friends, and new memories is always a privilege.

Irene, Gary & Jack

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