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Therapeutic Fostering: A Universal Principle in the Heart of Foster Care

Join us at Greater London Fostering where we embark on a mission to empower foster carers with the knowledge, support, and resources needed to provide exceptional care to children in need. Our blog delves into the heart of fostering in London, offering insights, stories, and guidance to inspire and support our community of carers. Discover the difference you can make in a child’s life through fostering, and become part of a network dedicated to creating positive, lasting impacts in the lives of young individuals across Greater London.

A day in the life – going to university

Discover the inspiring journey of fostered children achieving their university dreams. Learn how support, guidance, and a nurturing environment can pave the way to higher education success.

Education update – March

Empowering Futures Through Education: A March Update his March, we’ve seen an inspiring array of educational initiatives designed to enrich and empower the lives of young people in care. From enlightening workshops to the joyous celebration of World Book Day, it’s been a month full of learning and literary exploration. Here’s a closer look at […]


Explore the complex issue of allegations within the fostering context. Understand the process, how to navigate the challenges it presents, and the support available to foster carers facing such situations.

Navigating through allegations is undoubtedly tough, but with the right knowledge and support, foster carers can manage these situations with confidence. The fostering community is a network of support, understanding, and resilience, ensuring that every carer has the resources to face challenges head-on, always prioritising the welfare of the children in their care

Theme of the Month – Allowances

Dive into the intricacies of fostering allowances with our detailed guide, designed to demystify the financial aspects of foster care. From understanding weekly allowances to managing savings for foster children, this article offers vital insights for foster carers. Learn how to navigate respite care finances, enhance your support network, and ensure your foster child’s needs are met without financial strain. Whether you’re new to fostering or seeking to refine your approach to allowances, our comprehensive overview provides the knowledge and tips you need to confidently support the children in your care.

Theme of the month – Support

Fostering is a profoundly rewarding journey, marked by its unique challenges and the unparalleled opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. At the core of a successful fostering experience lies the strength of a robust support network, the invaluable resource of enhanced support, and the thoughtful use of respite care. This comprehensive guide delves into the importance of these elements, offering foster carers the insights and strategies needed to navigate the fostering journey with confidence, ensuring the well-being of both the carers and the children in their care. Through effective planning, open communication, and prioritising self-care, foster carers can create a nurturing environment for foster children while maintaining their resilience and vitality.

Theme of the Month – Promoting the Health of Children and Young People

Fostering a child comes with the profound responsibility of nurturing their overall health and well-being. This guide offers foster carers essential insights into understanding and addressing the health needs of foster children, from initial health assessments to promoting long-term wellness. With a focus on collaboration with health professionals, adherence to National Minimum Standards, and the development of informed health plans, foster carers are empowered to create a supportive environment that prioritises the physical, emotional, and psychological health of the children in their care. Discover practical tips for managing medical care, promoting healthy lifestyles, and preparing young people for independence, ensuring they receive the comprehensive support they need to thrive.

Theme of the Month Promoting Positive Connections: The Importance of Maintaining Family Ties in Foster Care

In foster care, maintaining family connections is crucial for a child’s sense of identity and emotional well-being. This guide offers foster carers insights into facilitating meaningful and safe family time, highlighting the importance of preparation, support, and communication. Discover strategies to navigate the complexities of contact arrangements, ensuring positive interactions that enrich the lives of foster children.