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Chadwell heath Needs New Foster Carers Your community needs you to foster! How to become a foster carer: Arrange a call with a member of our recruitment team Have an initial visit (virtually) to learn more about fostering and how it would fit into your lifestyle Join us for Skills to Foster training – a detailed two day training course Complete […]


Being a male foster carer Hello, my name is Asrat, I’m a male foster carer, when I became a carer I told my youngest brother about it and he said to me, when he thinks of fostering, older women or elderly retired couple come to his mind but he never thought younger single men would be interested […]


I’m single, what if I meet the right person whilst a foster carer? ‘I love fostering and I’ve done it now for 15 years mostly as a single parent after my first marriage broke down. I was never really interested in meeting someone else and then of course as they always say, when I least […]


I can’t get my foster child to eat healthy food, help!!! ‘I love fostering, I truly do, but when my foster child asked for chips for dinner every night, I did get exasperated’, says Trudy, 32, from South London. ‘I knew he needed to start eating healthily but it has been a real struggle to […]


Haven a Wonderful Time in Hastings You can keep Malaga, a family summer holiday in the UK still has it’s charms! This year, me, my husband and our foster child explored the wonders of Combe Haven in Hastings along with many other GLF Carers. For the purpose of this blog the foster child’s name has […]


Fostering – What’s Stopping You? The decision to become a foster carer isn’t an easy one to make. Fostering will have an impact on not only the child in care, but your life and your family’s life too. There’s a lot to think about so it’s natural to have concerns. Every day I talk to […]

Fostering and the Christian Faith

Fostering and the Christian Faith Fostering and the Christian faith seem to have many close parallels and flow one from the other. You don’t necessarily need to have a strong faith in order to feel compassion for a fellow human being and especially a vulnerable child. There can an innate desire to help where possible, […]


Education Education Education We know fostering can change young people’s lives forever but it’s always good to see the evidence stacking up to prove it.   A joint study by the University of Oxford and the University of Bristol in 2015 found that children who live with foster parents did better than those who remained with […]

Free educational websites for children and young people

Free Educational Websites for children and young people Please find below a list of free online resources that you may find useful following the closure of schools. It is important to note that these resources do not replace work sent home by your child’s school. Primary phase (EYFS to year 6) https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/ The Maths Factor […]