Starting your Fostering Journey Doesn't need to be scary

People sometimes think about fostering for years before they make their first call to us, when we ask them why they took so long, the most common answer is “because I was scared”.

We understand starting your fostering journey is a big step, but don’t worry. We’ll never push you to foster if you aren’t ready.



Download Our Guide to Fostering

if you're looking for more information about what fostering is, then we suggest you download our free pdf guide to fostering

Take our free online Fostering Course

If you know a bit about fostering, but are looking for more in depth information, especially about the practicalities then you should take our free online training course. You can take it without registering, and it's 100% free

Arrange for a call back from our team

If you know about fostering, and are now thinking about who to foster for, then the next best step for you is to have a quick call with our recruitment team. They'll be able to answer specific questions you have.

Register to foster with greater london fostering

If you are ready to apply, and have made the decision that GLF is right for you, then why not go ahead and register with us.

All our carers are champions for children

one of the qualities we look for, and help build in our foster carers, is to be champions for the children they care for. 

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“I talked to loads of fostering agencies, none quite felt right, until i spoke to James at GLF”

“My carers have given me the stability I needed in order to complete school, and the support I needed to believe in myself !”

Diane J

Happy foster carers makes for happy children

“I don’t call my foster carers carers, I call them my parents, because that’s what they became. even though I’m now in my twenties, I still go back to them every Sunday for my roast dinner.  ”

Carl C

“I have never been pushed so hard to achieve things. At first I really didn’t like it, then I started to realise this was exactly what I needed, people kept asking me what my SPARK was, and honestly, without my foster parents, and D, their social worker, I probably wouldn’t have found it”

Leonie V

Change a life, foster!

We can honestly say, becoming a foster parent will change your life, and that of a young persons. All they need to succeed is your guidance, support and love.


It couldn’t be easier – give us a call on 020 8347 8741, or start an online chat. If it’s late, we might not be online, but you can always send us a question/message via whatsapp and we will reply first thing tomorrow.

Well we put carers and children at the heart of everything. 

We always choose the right thing to do, even if that is sometimes the difficult thing.

Every agencies pays it’s carers differently, so make sure to ask.

GLF carers are some of the best paid in London, our rates are:

£425 for a child aged 0-10

£450 for a child aged 11=

£550-£1600 for an enhanced placement, depending on complexity

The above are per week, per child, and unlike other IFAs, you don’t have any money deducted for sibling groups. So if you care for an 11 year old, and their 14 year old brother, you’ll receive £900 a week.

We’ll we’re family run, so we decide where to put the money. We think as carers do the real hard work, they should get paid fairly. 

We don’t scrimp in other areas, so you’ll still expect amazing support, it’s just we don’t waste money in other areas. If it doesn’t add value to you and the children you care for, we don’t spend money on it!

Download Our Guide To Fostering

We've create a free PDF guide to fostering, to help you understand a bit more about foster care, and the process of applying.

Book A Call Back From Our Team

The easiest thing to do is have a quick phone call so we can answer any questions you have. Don't worry, it's informal and there's no commitment