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Lambeth needs

To become a foster carer

We sympathize that children are often unable to live with their birth families and instead require placement with foster caregivers. Nevertheless, since this is the case, we must strive to secure the best possible homes for them. We kindly request your assistance in this endeavor.

Looking to become a foster parent in Lambeth or the rest of London? The GLF wants to help local children in need of loving homes by recruiting 15 new fostering families! We provide fantastic, round-the-clock support and financial assistance to make the process as easy as possible.

At present, there is a shortage of foster carers in Lambeth, which can lead to local children being moved out of the area. Our goal is to prevent this by finding caring families who can provide homes to those who need them most. Download our guide to fostering to find out more or give us a call at 0208 347 8741.

As part of the GLF community, you’ll receive a weekly payment that includes the costs of caring for a child as well as a reward amount. We think this approach offers more simplicity than making one-off payments for things like birthdays.

Current foster parent rates are £450 for children ages 0-10, £475 for children aged 11+, and £550-1600 for enhanced children with significantly higher or more complex needs.

Let’s work together to support local children and make a real difference in our community!

We asked our carer Jacqui, what's the best thing about fostering?

Everyday is different, I'm never bored, that's probably the best thing. It's not like raising your own children, you have to face different challenges everyday.

Where in Lambeth are we looking for carers?

You probably have a lot of questions about fostering.

If you’re considering fostering, you may have tons of questions. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience and are open and honest. Let’s have a casual chat about your suitability, what fostering is really like, and anything else you want to know. No need to scour the web for answers – just schedule a quick 15-minute call. We love supporting people on their fostering journey!