Foster Carer Money

Never feel bad about asking about money. It's important.

It’s important to understand exactly what a fostering agency will pay you. Often you won’t get a straight answer.

At GLF we make sure you know exactly what you will receive as a foster carer. For a child under 11 you will receive £425, and for a child over 11 it’s £450

There may be some placements for which you will receive an enhanced fee. This generally £100-£200 a week more, however it really depends on the child’s need.

It might surprise you to learn that someone carers are paid as much as £100 less to foster with other agencies, this is because GLF believes that as you the carer is the one doing the hard work, you need to be well compensated. We couldn’t do this without you, so we want to make sure you know this.

Our fostering payment is a weekly amount of money, which includes the costs for caring for a child, as well as a reward element. We avoid making one off payments for things like birthdays, as we think it’s simpler and more straight forward to give you a fixed weekly fee.


I know other non GLF carers are shocked at how much more I get to foster, to basically do the same as them. Some have even transferred as a result.

Andrea A

You probably have a lot of questions about fostering.

Luckily we have a lot of experience, so can usually answer them honestly. We are really happy to have an informal chat with you, about fostering, whether you are suitable, and what it’s really like. So why not arrange a 15 minute call – we promise you it will save you several hours of searching the internet for answers, plus, we really love talking to people about fostering.