What are the different types of fostering?

There are several different types of fostering:

Parent and child placements: sometimes we look to place a parent and their child with you. The purpose is to help provide the parent with the support and guidance they need while they are getting to grips with their role as a mother or father. GLF run a training course to help carers develop the skills needed to care for parent and child placements.

Respite fostering: this can be provided for foster families to give someone a break or additional support. They are generally for short, set periods of time, but it can also be every other weekend, for instance, to provide families with support in caring for a child with disabilities.

Disability fostering: we need carers with particular skills, such as a nursing background, to help care for children with disabilities. These children may have physical or learning difficulties and as such often need more practical support and care, as well as an understanding of the impact a disability can have on a child’s life.

Remand fostering: sometimes children are remanded into foster care by the courts. These experiences can often create a lot of difficulty in a child’s life. As a result, we need carers who have experience of working with teenagers. Teenagers may have some challenging behaviours. Therefore, we need carers to provide them with a positive role model. Often this experience can have been gained through youth work or something similar.

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