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A day in the life - going to university

In the heart of our fostering community, success stories like these illuminate the powerful impact of support, dedication, and a nurturing environment on the lives of foster children. Today, we are thrilled to share an inspiring journey that culminates in a momentous achievement – a foster child’s acceptance into university. This narrative not only celebrates their hard-earned success but also casts a light on the pivotal role foster carers play in shaping bright futures.

The Journey Begins

Our story centers around a remarkable young individual, K, and her foster carer, Shelly. Their journey together is a testament to the transformative power of fostering and the incredible achievements that can arise from it. K, who alongside Shelly’s birth daughter, began exploring her future prospects right after completing her GCSEs. It was crucial for Shelly to ensure that both her daughters understood the importance of setting goals and working towards them – a principle that holds profound significance, especially for children who have faced adversities early in life.

Laying the Foundations

From early discussions about aspirations post-college to visiting universities, K’s path was carefully nurtured with encouragement and practical support. Shelly fondly recalls the pride she felt when K attended her first university visit, an experience that helped her envisage a future in higher education. The commitment to K’s dreams didn’t stop there. The autumn term of year 13 was meticulously planned, focusing on UCAS applications, attending university parents’ evenings, and more university visits, including trips to Cardiff and Birmingham.

Unwavering Support

Behind K’s journey was a team of supporters, notably including Emily, an education consultant from Greater London Fostering (GLF), who offered invaluable assistance with the personal statements. Moreover, K was matched with a mentor, Imogen, a second-year law student, who provided guidance and insight into the university experience and the study of law, which K aspired to pursue.

Celebrating Every Milestone

K’s hard work, supported by her foster family’s unwavering encouragement, resulted in securing four conditional university offers. This achievement was not just a milestone for K but a victory for everyone involved in her life, highlighting the collective effort and dedication of the fostering community, from social workers to educational consultants.

A Bright Future Ahead

As K now focuses on meeting her conditional offers’ requirements, her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for both foster children and carers. It underscores the importance of belief, support, and the right guidance in overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s dreams.

We invite our readers to share their own stories of fostering success, whether they’re uplifting, poignant, or infused with humor. Each narrative contributes to our understanding and appreciation of the fostering journey. If you have a story to share, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Fostering is more than a duty; it’s a journey of transformation, not just for the children in care but for the carers themselves. By sharing these stories, we hope to inspire more individuals to embark on this rewarding path, creating futures filled with possibility and hope.

“Mel and Shell have been very supportive through the whole UCAS application. Me and Shell went to visit the University of Birmingham during the middle of November to try see what it would be like. They also got me an English tutor which helped me go up a grade and helped me narrow down the five unis that I wanted to apply to and this whole time, have just supported me through every step.” – K


What Mel and Shell have to say “We were aware of the timelines we were working towards and so ensured we inspired and motivated our foster daughter to meet the deadlines.

We celebrated each deadline met.

Our foster daughter is now in a position where she has secured four conditional University offers.

We are now working collaboratively with our SSW, the college, the virtual school, and our foster daughter to try and secure the grades she now needs.”

FAQ on Fostered Children Going to University

Q: Can fostered children go to university? A: Absolutely. Fostered children, like all young people, have the potential to attend university. With the right support, encouragement, and resources, they can achieve their academic and career aspirations.

Q: What support is available for fostered children applying to university? A: Fostered children may receive support from their foster carers, social workers, and educational consultants. This can include help with university visits, UCAS applications, and personal statements. Educational grants and scholarships may also be available specifically for fostered children.

Q: Are there any success stories of fostered children going to university? A: Yes, there are many inspiring success stories. For instance, a foster child with the support of their carer and an education consultant secured four conditional university offers, showcasing the impact of encouragement and targeted support on achieving educational goals.

Q: How can foster carers help their foster children prepare for university? A: Foster carers can play a crucial role by initiating conversations about future goals, providing emotional support, facilitating university visits, and connecting foster children with mentors and tutors. Celebrating every small achievement can also boost their confidence and motivation.

Q: Is there additional support for fostered children once they are at university? A: Yes, universities often have dedicated services to support care leavers, including mentoring, counselling, and financial assistance. It’s important for fostered children to connect with these services early to take full advantage of the support available.