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Contributing to foster carers council tax.

Introducing Our Groundbreaking Council Tax Support Initiative for Our Carers

01/03/2024: In recent times, we’ve all navigated through some notably challenging periods, marked significantly by the surging cost of living. Amidst these hurdles, our commitment at Positive Aspirations to stand by our carers has remained steadfast and unwavering. Understanding the financial pressures, particularly the burden of escalating council tax, we’ve taken proactive steps to extend our support further.

Over the past two years, we’ve proudly increased our carers’ fees by an impressive 15.5%, a testament to our recognition of your invaluable service and dedication. Yet, we acknowledge that with many councils raising their taxes well above inflation, the concern over council tax bills has grown more pressing.

It’s with great excitement that we announce a pioneering initiative, set to launch on 1st March 2024, designed specifically to alleviate the council tax burden for you, our amazing carers. Marking a first in the independent fostering sector, positive aspirations is taking a bold step forward by offering direct council tax assistance — we are the first independent fostering agency to introduce such a benefit.

Our innovative council tax support scheme is structured around a sliding scale, rewarding your unwavering commitment based on the duration you’ve fostered with us. This approach not only aims to provide immediate financial relief but also to foster a more active engagement in fostering.

The council tax contribution will be disbursed monthly, on the last working day, contingent on active fostering engagement within the month. 

As we look to the future with optimism, we are in ongoing negotiations with local authorities to potentially increase our carers’ allowances, further solidifying our support in these critical times.

This initiative underlines our deep appreciation for your contributions, aiming to offer some respite amidst the economic challenges. 

In embracing this new scheme, we reaffirm our pledge to support you, our carers, as you continue to provide safe and nurturing environments for those in your care. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to fostering.

Our payments are made monthly, to those carers who have fostered during that month.

Number of years as a Positive Aspirations Foster Carer (GLF, FH & SCF)







Contribution per year




























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