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Harrow needs you

Becoming a foster carer involves opening one's heart and home to children or young people who need a safe and nurturing environment. It's a chance to make a profound difference in someone's life, providing them with love, support, and stability when they need it most. It can be a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience, and one that transforms both the foster carer's life and the life of the child in their care.

We deeply regret that children cannot always live with their biological families and require foster care. However, since this is the case, it is essential that we find them the most exceptional homes. 

Would you be willing to lend your support in helping us achieve this vital goal?

Harrow is currently experiencing a foster carer shortage, alongside the rest of London. As part of our mission to help where we can, we hope to recruit 15 new fostering families. They’ll provide homes for local children who often have no other option but to leave their community behind.

If you’re interested in getting involved, check out our guide to fostering for more information. Otherwise, give us a call at 0208 347 8741. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have and discuss how you can help make a difference in your community.

GLF foster carers receive fantastic 24/7 support. Financial aid is available as well. With a weekly payment for caring for a child – inclusive of a reward component and expenses – it’s a simpler, straightforward approach compared to one-time payments. Below are our current fostering payment amounts:

– £450 for children aged 0-10

– £475 for children aged 11+

– £550-1600 for children with complex, intensive needs.

You can make a positive impact and take part in something meaningful – we’re here to provide you with all the resources and support you need.

We asked our carer Jacqui, what's the best thing about fostering?

Everyday is different, I'm never bored, that's probably the best thing. It's not like raising your own children, you have to face different challenges everyday.

Where in Harrow are we looking for carers?

You most likely have many inquiries concerning fostering.

Fortunately, our wealth of experience means we can honestly answer any queries you may have. We welcome informal chats with anyone interested in fostering, where we discuss suitability and what to expect. So why not schedule a 15-minute call with us? We guarantee it’ll spare you hours of searching the web for answers. Plus, we genuinely enjoy discussing fostering with others!