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Tower hamlets needs you To Foster

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We deeply empathize with the unfortunate reality that some children cannot stay with their birth families, leaving them in need of foster care. However, since that is the situation, it is our responsibility to seek out the most suitable homes for them. Can you extend a helping hand in this endeavour?

Tower Hamlets, and indeed the rest of London, currently faces a shortage of foster carers. This is a situation that can have a profound impact on local children who may face relocation if they don’t find a suitable home. That’s why GLF has a mission to help and is seeking to recruit 15 new fostering families into the program.

As GLF carers, these families will be able to provide homes to children in need within the local area, helping to keep them close to their schools and loved ones. By joining our effort, you can make a real difference in your community and help create a brighter future for local children.

If you’re interested in becoming a GLF foster carer, download our guide to fostering for helpful information, or call 0208 347 8741 for more details. As a GLF foster carer, you’ll receive 24/7 support to help guide you through every step of the process. In addition, financial assistance will be provided to help cover all expenses, and our fixed weekly payments ranges from £450 for children aged 0-10, to £475 for children aged 11+. For children with more complex needs, there is a higher range of £550-1600.

By joining GLF today, you’ll not only be providing a loving home for a child in need, but also make a positive impact on your community.

We asked our carer Jacqui, what's the best thing about fostering?

Every day is unique, which prevents monotony--that's probably the best thing about it. It's not like raising your own children; every day presents new challenges that must be met.

Where in Tower Hamlets are we looking for carers?

You probably have a lot of questions about fostering.

Fortunately, with our wealth of experience, we can answer your questions honestly. We would be delighted to casually chat with you about fostering. Let’s discuss whether fostering is right for you and what the experience entails. 

Why not schedule a 15-minute phone call? It will save you the hassle of internet searches, and we love speaking with others about fostering.