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Foster Care

What do you need to be to foster a child

There are actually very few legal requirements to be a foster carer:

You need to be aged over 18

You Need to have a spare bedroom for a foster child

You cannot have been convicted or any crimes against children

Everything else is about getting to know you. We need to be sure you have the right attitude to be a carer. We also need to be sure you have the skills and experience to look after a child, and help give it the best possible outcomes possible.

I assumed as a I was single, I wouldn't be able to foster a child. Thinking this stopped me from making that first call for 2 years. That's 2 years I could have give a home to a child.

You probably have a lot of questions about fostering.

Luckily we have a lot of experience, so can usually answer them honestly. We are really happy to have an informal chat with you, about fostering, whether you are suitable, and what it’s really like. So why not arrange a 15 minute call – we promise you it will save you several hours of searching the internet for answers, plus, we really love talking to people about fostering.