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How Much Do Foster Parents Get a Week in the UK?

Foster carers play an essential role in providing a safe, nurturing, and loving environment for children who cannot live with their birth families. As a foster carer, it's natural to wonder about the financial support provided to meet the needs of the children you care for.

In the UK, foster carers generally receive between £200 and £450 per week. However, at Greater London Fostering, we recognize the importance of adequately compensating our carers for the crucial work they do.

Greater London Fostering Foster Carer Payments

As a Greater London Fostering foster carer, you will receive:

  • £450 per week for caring for a child under the age of 11.
  • £475 per week for caring for a child aged 11 or older.

These payments are per child, ensuring that the care you provide is fairly compensated.

Fostering Multiple Children: An Example

If you foster two or three children, your weekly payments will scale accordingly. Here are a few examples:

  1. Two Children Under 11: If you foster two children aged ten or younger, you would receive £450 per child per week, totaling £900 per week.
  2. Two Children Over 11: If you foster two children aged 11 or older, you would receive £475 per child per week, totaling £950 per week.
  3. Three Children (One Under 11, Two Over 11): If you care for three children, one under 11 and two over 11, you would receive £450 for the younger child and £475 for each of the older children, totaling £1,400 per week.

Annual Earnings as a Foster Carer

Based on the weekly payments, here's an estimate of your annual earnings as a foster carer depending on the number and age of children in your care:

  1. Two Children Under 11: £900 x 52 weeks = £46,800 per year
  2. Two Children Over 11: £950 x 52 weeks = £49,400 per year
  3. Three Children (One Under 11, Two Over 11): £1,400 x 52 weeks = £72,800 per year

By fostering with Greater London Fostering, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive the financial support necessary to provide the best care. Our allowance and pay structure supports your essential role in changing children's lives for the better.

For more information about fostering with us, visit our Fostering Guide and explore our FAQ section to have any further questions answered.

Real-Life Example: Asking About Foster Carer Payments

Sophie, a 34-year-old single woman, had always harbored a desire to provide a loving home to children in need. After careful consideration, she decided to explore the journey of becoming a foster carer. Initially, Sophie was hesitant to ask about the financial aspect of fostering, as she didn't want to seem selfish or be perceived as more concerned about the money than the welfare of the children.

After attending an information session, Sophie realized the importance of discussing the financial aspect of fostering with potential fostering agencies and local authorities. During her research, Sophie discovered that not all organizations provided the same level of support or payment to foster carers. Some agencies and local authorities even paid less for the second and third child in a foster family, making it challenging for carers to provide the same quality of care for all children.

Sophie wanted the best for the children she would be fostering, so she sought guidance from experienced foster carers and explored various agencies, focusing on their payment structures and support services. This is when she came across Greater London Fostering.

With Greater London Fostering, foster carers receive fair and consistent payments for each child, ensuring that every foster child receives a high level of care regardless of the number of children being fostered. Sophie appreciated their transparent pay structure and the emphasis they placed on the well-being of both the carers and the children. Understanding the financial implications of fostering and the support she'd receive allowed Sophie to make an informed decision and choose an agency that aligned with her values and goals.

Sophie is now a successful foster carer, providing a loving home and care to two siblings aged 8 and 12. By asking the right questions and ensuring her financial concerns were addressed, she is able to focus on what really matters: making a positive impact on the lives of the children in her care. Sophie's story highlights the importance of discussing the financial aspects of fostering and ensuring that the agency or local authority you work with is committed to providing equitable support and resources for every child placed in your care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foster Carer Payments

Q: Is it important to ask about foster carer payments when considering fostering?

A: Yes, it's essential to discuss payment and financial support when considering fostering. Different agencies and local authorities may have varying payment structures, and understanding the financial aspect ensures you can provide the best care for the children in your home.

Q: Do all fostering agencies and local authorities pay the same amount?

A: No, payment structures can vary significantly between agencies and local authorities. Some may even pay less for the second and third child in a foster family. It's crucial to research different agencies and find one that offers fair and consistent payments for each child in your care.

Q: How do I find the right fostering agency based on payment structures?

A: Research different agencies, attend information sessions, and seek guidance from experienced foster carers to understand the available payment structures. Look for agencies, such as Greater London Fostering, that offer transparent pay structures and support services.

Q: Does Greater London Fostering pay the same amount for each child in a foster family?

A: Yes, Greater London Fostering provides fair and consistent payments for each child in a foster family, ensuring all children receive a high level of care. They offer £450 per week for children under 11 and £475 per week for children aged 11 and older.

Q: Can I foster multiple children and receive payments for each child?

A: Yes, you can foster multiple children and receive payments for each of them. Greater London Fostering ensures fair compensation for each child in your care, making it possible to provide the necessary care and resources for all foster children in your home.

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