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Do I need to have worked with children before?

We do require you have experience with children, however this doesn’t mean you have to had to work with them. In addition, you don’t need to have a formal qualification in childcare.To top
That said, people with child care experience such as nursery teachers, nurses, police officers do all make great foster carers.To top
There are other types of working with children that demonstrate working with children. For example, helping family members or babysitting duties.

If you have worked with children in one way or another and have the space and time, why not think about becoming a foster carer?

For more information about fostering, download our free guide. This gives an introduction to what fostering is and what your responsibilities would be, as a foster carer.

Hopefully this answers your question so we’ve got some great blog posts about why being a foster carer is amazing.

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