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Why Do Children Need To Be Fostered

There are many reason why children need to be fostered. Generally it is because the local authority decides that the children’s birth parents are not capable, or should not look after the child.  However, it can also be because there is a family emergency that means a birth parent needs some extra help.

Each year about 30,000 children come into the care in the UK, most of these are placed in fostering.

If you think you could help a child in care, then why not think about fostering.

Fostering Questions

We will try to answer all your questions

Birth Children

Can you foster if you haven’t had your own birth children?

Past Criminal Convictions?

We all have a past, but having a criminal conviction in your history might not stop you fostering


What kind of jobs, if any, allow you to foster alongside?

Do you have pets?

Find out how fostering and pets can work.


How long does the fostering assessment take?

Who needs fostering?

What kind of children need foster homes?

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