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Should I Transfer Fostering Agencies?

When it comes to fostering, one of the most important decisions foster carers face is choosing the right fostering agency. However, there may come a time when you might feel the need to transfer to a different agency due to various reasons. Before making that decision, let's explore the factors to consider and the process of transferring fostering agency.

The Right Reasons to Transfer Agencies

While you have the right to foster with whichever agency or local authority you prefer, make sure you are transferring for a valid reason. Some reasons that may lead you to consider transferring agencies:

  1. Lack of support from your current agency
  2. Inadequate foster care money or financial support
  3. Limited placement opportunities
  4. Desire to work with the best-paid fostering agencies

Before deciding to switch, make sure it is really what you want. Try discussing your concerns with your current agency, as they may address them without requiring you to go through a reassessment at a new agency. However, if you feel that a change is necessary, you may consider transferring to an agency like Greater London Fostering, which provides excellent support, competitive financial packages, and strives to ensure placements for all their carers. For more information about joining, visit their joining page.

"They say change is as good as a break, and from our experience transferring fostering agencies can make all the difference to you." - Greater London Fostering

The Process of Transferring Fostering Agencies

Step 1: Call Us for a Chat

The first step toward making a decision is to arrange a chat and a home visit. This will help you determine if the new agency is the right fit for you and whether they can provide you with what you are currently missing. Get to know the new fostering agency before making any big decisions.

Step 2: Being Reassessed

Even when transferring, you will still need to undergo an assessment that includes background checks. The new agency will present the assessment results to their fostering panel, who will then recommend your approval or ask for more information. The transfer process usually takes 2-3 months to complete, which is generally quicker than initial assessments.

Step 3: Letting Your Agency Know

If you have a child placed with you, the process of resigning as a foster carer is more complex. It is crucial not to resign without informing your current agency or local authority, as you will no longer be a foster carer 28 days later. This can cause significant issues if there is a child in placement and you have not yet been approved by the new agency. Always inform your current agency of your intention to resign before formally submitting the paperwork.

Payment Information:

Greater London Fostering offers payments to carers of £450 for a child aged 0-10 and £475 for children aged 11 and above.

Remember that transferring fostering agencies can be a time-intensive process, so make sure it is your best option before proceeding. Take the time to research and communicate with your prospective agency, and make an informed decision with the child's best interests in mind.