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The Difference Training Makes In Fostering

Foster Carer Training

We Invest A Lot In Training Our Carers In the bustling heart of London, we at Greater London Fostering (GLF) are fortunate enough to work with some of London's most extraordinary individuals. These are the people who open not just their homes, but their hearts, to those who need them most – our foster carers, […]

Mastering the Art of Farewells in Your Fostering Journey

saying goodbye

Mastering the Art of Farewells in Your Fostering Journey Beginning the journey as a foster carer with Greater London Fostering signifies entering a transformative experience filled with shared joy, challenges, and profound emotional links. A significant hurdle you may encounter is the heart-melting farewell at the end of a fostering placement. While these goodbyes can […]

Celebrating Pride Month: Debunking Myths


Debunking the Myth: LGBTQ+ Foster Carers are Welcome and Needed There are many myths surrounding foster care, and one of the most prevalent is that a person has to be straight to foster a child. This myth is not only untrue, but it's also harmful because it perpetuates a stereotype that excludes the LGBTQ+ community […]

A Round of Applause for Nicola Sturgeon: Considering Foster Care and Inspiring Others

sturgeon fostering

Nicola Sturgeon’s recent consideration of becoming a foster carer has inspired and brought attention to the necessity for more professionals to step forward and foster. Her dedication to changing the lives of young people in care showcases the significant impact that individuals can make when providing a stable, nurturing home to a child in need. As more professionals explore fostering, they contribute to a brighter future for these children, emphasizing the importance of support, care, and love. Let’s applaud Nicola Sturgeon for using her platform to advocate for positive change and encourage others to join the journey of fostering.

What difference does fostering really make?

fostering a difference

What Difference Does Fostering Really Make? Fostering a child can have an immeasurable impact on their lives as well as your own. It provides a stable and nurturing environment for children who need care, offering them opportunities for growth and development that they might not have had otherwise. In this article, we'll explore the many […]

What Would Disqualify Me from Being a Foster Carer?

Disqualified fostering

Explore the factors that could disqualify someone from becoming a foster carer, including criminal background, living conditions, health issues, personal circumstances, and financial stability. Learn about eligibility requirements and how Greater London Fostering can help guide you through the application process.

Is it better to foster with local authority or agency?

who should you foster for

Fostering with a local authority (LA) or an independent fostering agency (IFA) both have their unique advantages and drawbacks. Factors to consider include training and support, financial allowances, travel distance, and specialization. It’s important to research your options, attend introductory events, and ask questions to determine the best fit for your individual needs and preferences when deciding between an LA or IFA.

The New Framework for Missing Children and Young People: A Fantastic Initiative

The New Framework for Missing Children and Young People: A Fantastic Initiative Introduction The new framework for missing children and young people is a significant initiative aimed at ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children in the care of local authorities in England. Developed by the National Task and Finish Group, led by the National […]

If I Foster, Will I Always Have a Placement?

3 foster carers

If I Foster, Will I Always Have a Placement? Fostering a child is a rewarding and life-changing experience. Many prospective foster carers often wonder, “If I foster, will I always have a placement?” The answer to this question isn’t always straightforward, but in this article, we will discuss how fostering agencies like Greater London Fostering […]