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Should I transfer fostering agency?

Should I Transfer Fostering Agencies? When it comes to fostering, one of the most important decisions foster carers face is choosing the right fostering agency. However, there may come a time when you might feel the need to transfer to a different agency due to various reasons. Before making that decision, let's explore the factors […]

A Day in the Life of a Fostering Placements Officer

A fostering placements officer plays an essential role in the world of foster care, working diligently to ensure children and young people have the best possible experience. From working closely with foster carers to collaborating with local authorities, each day presents a unique set of challenges those officers must overcome. This post will take you […]

Fostering Fortnight 2023: Empowering Lives and Building Communities

fostering fortnight 23

Fostering Fortnight 2023: Empowering Lives and Building Communities Fostering Fortnight 2023 is just around the corner, and it offers a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about the invaluable role that foster carers play in our society. Greater London Fostering (GLF) is proud to be a part of this annual celebration and play a vital role […]

5 Steps On Your Journey to Fostering with Greater London Fostering

Sarah Fostering

Sarah’s Fostering Journey Becoming a Foster Carer with Greater London Fostering: How to Impact the Lives of Vulnerable Children in London Have you ever considered becoming a foster carer and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and young people in London? Greater London Fostering (GLF) is here to guide you through the […]


Being a male foster carer Being a Male Foster Carer: Challenging Stereotypes and Making a Difference Hello, my name is Asrat, and I'm a male foster carer. When I first became a carer, I told my youngest brother about it, and he was surprised. He always thought fostering was predominantly for older women or retired […]


I’m single, what if I meet the right person whilst a foster carer? I'm Single, What If I Meet the Right Person While Being a Foster Carer in London? Kerry, a London-based foster carer, shares her experience of fostering for over 15 years as a single parent. After her marriage ended, she hadn't been particularly […]


I can’t get my foster child to eat healthy food, help!!! ‘I love fostering, I truly do, but when my foster child asked for chips for dinner every night, I did get exasperated’, says Trudy, 32, from South London. ‘I knew he needed to start eating healthily but it has been a real struggle to […]


Haven a Wonderful Time in Hastings You can keep Malaga, a family summer holiday in the UK still has it’s charms! This year, me, my husband and our foster child explored the wonders of Combe Haven in Hastings along with many other GLF Carers. For the purpose of this blog the foster child’s name has […]


Fostering – What’s Stopping You? The decision to become a foster carer isn’t an easy one to make. Fostering will have an impact on not only the child in care, but your life and your family’s life too. There’s a lot to think about so it’s natural to have concerns. Every day I talk to […]