Fostering – What’s Stopping You? The decision to become a foster carer isn’t an easy one to make. Fostering will have an impact on not only the child in care, but your life and your family’s life too. There’s a lot to think about so it’s natural to have concerns. Every day I talk to […]

Fostering and the Christian Faith

Fostering and the Christian Faith Fostering and the Christian faith seem to have many close parallels and flow one from the other. You don’t necessarily need to have a strong faith in order to feel compassion for a fellow human being and especially a vulnerable child. There can an innate desire to help where possible, […]


Education Education Education We know fostering can change young people’s lives forever but it’s always good to see the evidence stacking up to prove it.   A joint study by the University of Oxford and the University of Bristol in 2015 found that children who live with foster parents did better than those who remained with […]

Free educational websites for children and young people

Free Educational Websites for children and young people Please find below a list of free online resources that you may find useful following the closure of schools. It is important to note that these resources do not replace work sent home by your child’s school. Primary phase (EYFS to year 6) The Maths Factor […]


Daily recordings, a must! Daily recordings, a must! in foster carer blog / I think I was definitely luckier than most when I entered the world of fostering! I have mentioned before in previous blogs that my parents were foster carers for many years, and only retired recently after having fostered for over 27 years!  Through my […]

Novelette’s Story

Novelette’s Story My name is Novelette and I’ve been a foster carer for GLF for two years. My first placement started in May 2017 with a 12 year old boy who still lives with my two daughters. He initially came to us for 6 months but as time went on the local authority decided it […]


what does CARE stand for? Mel & I, Shell, have been fortunate enough to be GLF foster carers since September 2018. We feel extremely privileged to be GLF foster carers and to be in a position whereby we can empower and equip our most vulnerable children in our communities to live a happier life; to […]


Can i Foster If I’m Bisexual? When deciding who can foster or not, being bisexual does not factor into the decision. Your sexuality is not a factor we think is important when deciding whether we think you can provide a nurturing and warm home. GLF has long believed that people from the LGBTQ+ community make […]


Mum: ‘I’m going to be a foster carer!’ Me: ….’What does that mean?’ When I was 16 I didn’t care about much else but hanging out with my friends and family, listening to music, animals and beating all my guy friends at the latest PlayStation games just to prove that girls can do anything boys […]


A moment in time What does a moment in time mean to most of us? It may mean a person’s whole life time or it may mean precisely what you see in a photograph. The picture looks like a mother and son enjoying a day out at the seaside.  In fact what you see is […]