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The Difference Training Makes In Fostering

Foster Carer Training

We Invest A Lot In Training Our Carers

In the bustling heart of London, we at Greater London Fostering (GLF) are fortunate enough to work with some of London's most extraordinary individuals. These are the people who open not just their homes, but their hearts, to those who need them most - our foster carers, the unseen heroes of our community.

The Rewarding and Challenging World of Fostering

Every day in the world of fostering brings with it a unique blend of challenges and rewards. A foster carer's daily routine could range from comforting a child after a nightmare, cheering on the side-lines of a school sports day, assisting with maths homework, cooking a favourite meal, and imparting valuable life lessons. It’s a role that demands resilience, patience, understanding, and most importantly, boundless love.

The Crucial Role of Initial Training

To help our foster carers navigate this enriching, yet demanding journey, we provide comprehensive initial training. This equips our carers with the vital tools they need to offer the best possible care. However, we understand that the learning journey in fostering is never truly ‘complete’.

The Imperative of Continuing Training

The diverse and continually evolving needs of foster children mean that our carers' training and support should be equally dynamic. Continuing training plays a vital role here. It helps foster carers stay updated with new regulations, learn about the latest developments in child psychology, or simply discover more effective ways to communicate with a troubled teenager.

Anna, a foster carer with GLF, recalls her experience. "After fostering for over five years, I thought I had seen it all. But then we welcomed Max, a teenager with autism. I quickly realised that my initial training, although invaluable, was not enough. The advanced training offered by GLF were a lifesaver. It helped me learn new strategies to communicate with Max, creating an environment where he feels safe and understood. That's the true value of ongoing training!"

Embracing Advanced Training Techniques

We understand that our carers are constantly on the move, balancing fostering responsibilities with personal life. That's why we've made our training opportunities flexible and accessible. As a part of London's Fostering Agency, we offer comprehensive courses through our dedicated platform,, and host interactive Zoom workshops.

The Lifelong Learning Journey of a Foster Carer

The journey of a foster carer is marked by highs and lows, triumphs and trials, laughter and tears. But one thing remains constant: the importance of continuous learning. At GLF, we're committed to supporting our foster carers every step of the way, ensuring they have access to the knowledge and resources they need to provide the best possible care for our children.

A Deeper Look into Continuous Training

At GLF, we pride ourselves on the diverse range of continuous training we offer. From intensive workshops delving into specific behavioral issues to seminars on understanding developmental stages, we offer this education through our dedicated online platform, This tailor-made training is designed keeping in mind the unique needs of our carer community.

Practical Tools for Fostering In The Digital Age

With the digital age evolving exponentially around us, we've ensured our advanced training techniques are keeping up. Our interactive Zoom workshops offer foster carers an opportunity to connect with trainers and peers in real-time. This dynamic interaction provides a robust learning environment for our carers without the need for physical presence. Our online training platform further adds the flexibility to learn at their own pace and revisit helpful content as and when they need to.

Counteracting Challenges to Training

Being a foster carer can be a demanding job, and finding time for further training can sometimes seem tough. We understand that time constraints, personal obligations, and the unawareness of resources, can be stumbling blocks. But at GLF, we strive to make sure these barriers are broken. Our online training is accessible and flexible, allowing our carers to learn whenever it's convenient.

The Role You Play in Fostering

Continuing training is not just confined to the carer or the fostering agency, it's a societal involvement. Everyone has a part to play in advocating for better resources and supporting ongoing education for foster carers. Sharing your experiences, spreading the word on the significance of continuous training and being an active part of the community helps in uplifting the fostering cause.

The Final Word

A carer's journey, filled with triumphs, trials, and a unique blend of emotions, is indeed a lifelong learning experience. At GLF, we always strive for our carer community to experience growth, learn about the untold truths, and ensure they receive the resources necessary to provide the best care to the children. We extend our gratitude to the foster carers who form the backbone of GLF, for their tireless work, and dedication. As we continue to learn and grow, we do it together for the upliftment of our children.

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